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Not Just a Down-Sized Adult Helmet.

The CS™ has everything the young player needs to take the field for the first few seasons with the slick style of the pros. This one grows with you and the fit adjustment will be the easiest 30 seconds of your life.
This isn’t a scaled down version of our college and high school helmets. A kid's head is different so we went into the field for months and compiled information on kids growth, head shape and wish list. You get lightest, most comfortable helmet in the game at an affordable price.
We know you’re the next generation for the All America list so we designed the CS™ to the same NOCSAE safety standard the national champion’s helmets are made to..

Shell: FutureStar
Mask: Jr. SightLine Vision
Chin & Visor: FutureStar
Liner System: Gen Y – Fully Adjustable

Warranty: Unconditional 1 Year


CS Red

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This helmet is worn by more players ages 12 to 25 than all other helmets combined. With that kind of trust from players and coaches it’s no wonder it’s the standard all other helmets are held to.
With safety and durability in place we moved on to the fun part-- style.……The CLH2™ is the first helmet that lets you change your visor and chin color at home! The ModKit™ allows you and your team to change from home and away helmets in under 30 seconds and less than $15.
The CLH2™ lets your game progress without big damage to your wallet. If you outgrow this helmet you can take advantage of our resize program down the line.

Shell: FreeFlow HDPE, 13 Vents
Mask: WideView, Carbon Black
Chin & Visor: CLH2 + ModKit, IM/HDPE
Liner System: Gen 3 Fitted – 7 sizes, Triple Foam Density
Weight: 2lbs 3oz
Warranty: Unconditional 1 Year


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Engineered for players with smaller frames

DNA: Cascade Heritage
Worn by more lacrosse players than any other-- The genetics of a Cascade is bred into every component of the CPV™
The Cascade legacy of style, science and safety is at it’s core
Over 20 years of American-made quality are built into the CPV

V-Series Visor, Shell aand Chin
Low-profile means fast and sleek
Ultra-light, weighing in at 1.9 lbs
The CPV visor and chin are tailored to accommodate a wide range of head sizes in serious style
FreeFlow™ venting to keep you cool in sweaty situations

SPRfit™: Swiss Precision Ratchet
Bombproof, no-nonsense, all business and crazy simple
The SPRfit™ adjustable ratchet allows you to change sizes and get perfectly fitted in seconds….one handed
EPP liner & dovetail liner system fit so anatomically perfect, the 4th quarter will feel as comfortable as warm-ups
" No-slop" fit so you can focus on the game- action instead of your equipment
Available in three adjustable sizes

Chevron Mask: Vision Innovation
See the field like a General and earn your Chevrons
The slightest V in the center of the latitude bars makes all the difference for looking downward and up field
Say it with me - “Ground ball Advantage!”


CPV Red 3/4

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We designed this helmet to meet the demands of the top Pro, College and High School players. Pure high per-formance so you’re ready to throw down. Need proof? Ask Johns Hopkins, Syracuse, North Carolina or just about any other top college or high school team.
This helmet is tuned with such precision you can’t even mention any other helmet in the same breath. We know the hits come a little faster at this level so we built the liner system to the NOCSAE standard and then went the extra mile.
The one size, fully adjustable fit is a coaches dream and a big help when you shave your head for playoffs. We studied the eye patterns and vision fields to put lacrosse’s best facemask on the CPX. Offered at three different prices so you can get in affordable or push the limit with technology; classic black mask, Chromanium or Titanium.
What all other helmets want to be when they grow up.

Shell: FreeFlow, HDPE, 13 Vents
Mask SightLine Vision--Titanium, Chromanium, Black
Chin & Visor: CPX, IM/HDPE, 5 Vents
Liner System: Gen 5 Fully Adjustable, Triple Foam Density, Memory Foam
Weight: 2lbs 2oz
Weight Titanium: 1lb 14oz
Warranty: Unconditional 1 Year







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Pro7 with SEVEN Technology: click image/link to download full resolution file of individual items
It's released from captivity and loaded with performance.

The SuperMono design uses the shell as a stress member to manage the energy from a frontal impact and also shifts the weight load back to make a superior balanced helmet.

The new Pro7 is the only helmet in lacrosse with the Seven Technology liner system. The system laterally displaces energy from a direct impact, reducing the effects of G forces, a major cause of concussions.

The ProFit sizing system makes the Pro7 one size fits most and allows for easy adjustments between XS and XL.

The new Tungsten mask design opens up the view of the field.

The Pro7 is color customizable with your team colors, immediately and with no additional charge. All Cascade helmets are made in the United States. Team or individual custom orders will be built and shipped within 48 hours.

Retail $209.99



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PolyAir Eye Mask click image/link to download full resolution file of individual items
The Continuous-Quest-for-Vision-and-Comfort train just pulled into town. Here’ the lowdown:

Cascade Heritage
We live to bring innovation to athletes so they can wow and inspire us
We push the envelope in our test lab so players can on the field

Outta Sight Bar Technology -VISION
The low profile aerospace grade stainless bar allows a crisp view of ground balls and up-field action
Safety is queen. Meets ASTM standard for women’s lacrosse. (60 mph ball impact)
Vision, seeing is believing…and dominating

Hybrid Materials -COMFORT
Sophistication and innovation wrapped up in a little package that delivers downward and periferal views
Co-Poly frame delivers incredible reduction in weight for all-day comfort
Over 55% lighter than competitors. If it’s heavy, it can’t be comfy

Geometry Matters -FIT
Feminine frame contours that provide a precise and comfy fit
Unbeatable V strap design that’s proven itself over and over; It’s a cinch, literally
Clean and comfortable. Anatomically right, anti-microbial fit foam


PolyAir 3/4 Red



PolyAir Front

PolyPro Eye Mask click image/link to download full resolution file of individual items
Welcome to the next chapter in eyemask innovation: The PolyPro™

Lighter than Ever
Made of a sleek and durable copolymer (that's right, we said copolymer), the new PolyPro is so much lighter than your other options. At half the weight of a wire eyemask at 2 oz.you lose the excess bulk and gain a "barely there"omfort
You are under feeling. Seriously! Put it on!


You have enough pressure practicing hard and playing harder. Relieve the extra pressure of a wire eyemask and get an incredibly light and comfortable fit that you never thought possible.

Squeaky Clean
All poly pieces mean no bending or rusting metal and the hypoallergenic fit-foam helps avoid irritation to your face. Wipe down the mud, sweat and tear soaked Poly Pro and it's good as new.

A Fit Above the Rest
All face shapes are different, so this mask was strategically designed to give the best possible fit to the most faces.

Player Inspired. Player Tested. Player Approved.

The PolyPro is the eyemask you have been waiting for!


PolyPro Front



PolyPro 3/4

Iris Eye Mask click image/link to download full resolution file of individual items
The Most Popular Eyemask in the Game.

This is the eyemask that set the standard. The IRIS™ is the number one selling eyemask in lacrosse and has been the choice of most D1 college teams.
The IRIS™ is approved for both lacrosse and field hockey and is the perfect choice for any coach or player looking for a dual-sport eyemask with the customization top teams deserve.

Foam: I-Liner
Weight: 4.6oz
Warranty: Unconditional 2 Year


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